F4F at Monte Carlo!

Future4fairgrounds had been kindly invited by the European Showmen’s Union ESU/UFE to their 42nd EUROPEAN CONGRESS FAIR UNION (ESU/UFE) a conference that took place in Monte Carlo!

As guests we were asked to give a presentation on the aims of our group and to encourage further unity with our European colleagues, we spoke about World Fun Fair Month which takes place in September.

Day 1 in Monte Carlo was spent meeting other Showman from across Europe for lunch and then a walk around the city.

Drinks and a little gamble in the world famous Casino, followed by a lovely meal with around 50 other Showman, where Bernice and I were presented with World Kermis Month pins.

We then all went to see what can only be described as The Greatest Show on Earth.

Festival International du Cirque de Monte-Carlo The 45th International Circus Festival, it was a magnificent show. The best artistes in the world come to perform to win awards and the Royal Family were in attendance!

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