A reason to celebrate Showmen

World Fun Fair Month is about bringing together all aspects of what a fairground is and raising awareness of everything in a positive way around the world. Celebrating the industry and the community as well as the connections with others. The newly released children’s reading book links perfectly to #WFFM and our aims. The work that has already been done on this groundbreaking book is amazing and all credit to those involved, especially the Showmen who were integral to making sure it is an honest representation of the community. This book forms an integral part of our World Fun Fair month initiative. By selling WFFM flags and banners we fundraised to enable us to distribute copies to as many primary schools as possible at no cost to the school. in September 2021 we funded 1000 copies. The book project continues and we have now funded 3000 copies! if you are a teacher at a school please get in touch You can find more information about “The Show Must Go On” on our Schools page here on the website and our Facebook page #future4fairgrounds

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Our book project funds copies of The Show Must Go On to each school. you will receive a number of copies! That way we hope that they can be used in many different ways and not just put on a library sh

Hi I just wanted to introduce myself and explain a bit about Future4fairgrounds who are a group of 6 women. All Showmen based all over the UK some of us travel with our businesses some of us are perma

Have you ever seen or used a wakelet a fantastic collection of informatio. Samantha Heeson put ours together for World Fun Fair Month