A Showman’s education

Updated: Apr 2

Easter is a busy time with many Showmen families turned out for a long period. Our homes move with our businesses and of course our children come with us. Education is very important and we try to make sure our children keep up while we are away. Some schools provide work packs and some children can log on to lessons in real time, distance learning, depending on the Wi-Fi signal. The support our children receive from their base school varies. Some larger fairs used to have a travelling school service and we have a fantastic on site school at Newcastle Town Moor fair that the Showmen children love to attend. With the school work done our children get involved in many aspects of the the family business. Having the benefit of older family members around they also learn valuable life skills while out travelling with the fairs. An important part of a Showman’s education is one that is passed on through the generations. our children learn without realising they are learning many children just see it as part of who they are and what they all do.

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