Memories of growing up on a fairground this time of year! - what Goose Fair means to me

My family have long associations with Nottingham Goose Fair Grandmas and Grandads, Mam and Dad , Uncles and Aunties all my family have opened there. As a child I remember the excitement of wearing my best clothes for pulling on day and waiting at Bobbers Mill. Queuing with the loads driving slowly down Gregory Boulevard. Getting set and going out to find old friends. Trying to remember which row we were on with the wagon. I remember the calls of the milkman (and the calor gas man) at Goose Fair and I can taste the orange juice he used to sell. I remember setting out the Hoopla with my mam. Eating pomegranates with a pin under the table. I have bought the latest crazes in Swag Mans Alley. White and gold leather headbands! The Kicker Man. Leather patches on my jeans. I have played British Bulldog in the aisles. I remember the smell of the tarmac. Going home with my grandma when I was little as it was too busy for me to stay. I remember the balloons and the velvet colouring in pads I was given to stop me crying because I didn’t want to leave. I remember sitting on the yellow stool in the Dive Bomber paybox and the queue for it never ending! As an adult there are so many more memories - the anxiety of a busy fair and getting the trailer ready to take my own family there. I have built up and pulled down at Goose Fair i have opened in the wet and the sunshine. I have made lasting friendships with people I would only see once a year there. I have worked that hard asking people if they would like to “have a go” I have lost my voice. I have worked with my grandparents and my parents. I have helped friends and in recent times I have minded for my uncle at Goose Fair. I got dressed up around friends trailers and ate toast before going to the dances at Goose Fair. I have waited at the Gate at Goose Fair. I have drank in the working mans club across the road 🤦🏻‍♀️ it is where

I met my husband. My first son was born Goose Fair Saturday. I took my children to Goose Fair they have made their own memories and made their own friends there. This fair is part of my family’s story it is my past and my future my life is intrinsically linked forever to this fair and I’m so grateful that this year the story can continue! Nottingham Events Notts TV Nottinghamshire Live What's On Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire County Council Nottingham City Council - Parks and Open Spaces #tradition #heritage #culture

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