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History Of The Filipino People By Teodoro Agoncillo Read Online Ebook Zip olivreg




In his graphic and poetic style, Agoncillo describes and interprets the book of history. The format is as follows: brief introduction, the problem studied, the place or country in which the event occurred, the time, the main character of the event, the way the event is affected or influenced by time. The other characters are also discussed, including the people who did not participate in the event. The format is a combination of a chronological account, a narrative description, an outline of the event and a self-biography of the author. The presentation of Filipino history is introduced in the book “The First Americans” by Teodoro Agoncillo. The opening chapter is The History of the Philippines. The book discusses the migration of the Filipinos to the Philippines which started with the admittance of Filipinos to the archipelago in 1521. The migration of the Filipinos continued throughout the Spanish colonial period when the Spanish government issued two laws that would help the Filipino population settle in the Philippines. The first was issued on February 15, 1544 and the second was issued on July 14, 1581. A discussion of the first chapter is a synopsis and interpretation of the migration of the Filipino people to the Philippines. The book discusses the Filipinos' movement towards the archipelago and their struggles and achievements in the archipelago. The second chapter is The Filipino People. It discusses the early Filipinos as described in the text, the people’s religion, way of life, political influence, economic influence and their cultural influence in the archipelago. The third chapter is The Discovery of the Philippines. This chapter details the discovery of the Philippines by Magellan, Legazpi and Ferdinand Magellan, the establishment of the Spanish rule, the fight for the independence of the Philippines, the birth of the Philippine Republic and the decision by the United States to recognize Philippine independence. This chapter highlights the rebellion of the Philippines, the Japanese invasion of the Philippines and the declaration of independence by the Philippine Commonwealth on July 4, 1946. The fourth chapter is The Conquests of the Philippines. It describes the Spanish, the American, the Japanese, and the Communist invasions of the Philippines. This chapter also discusses the separation of the Philippines, Philippine independence and the fall of the first and second Philippine Republic. The fifth chapter is The Philippine Dynasty. This chapter focuses on the period of Philippine dynasty and describes the political and economic struggle of the Filipino people. The sixth chapter is The Philippine Revolution. The chapter focuses on the





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History Of The Filipino People By Teodoro Agoncillo Read Online Ebook Zip olivreg
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