Welcome to Future 4 Fairgrounds

Who We Are

We are a group of six female Showmen who have joined forces out of growing concern for the situation faced by the fairground industry and our community. Together, we have established Future 4 Fairgrounds with the aim of reaching out to a wider audience. Our objectives include celebrating our history, raising awareness of our current situation, and safeguarding our future.

Meet the six female Showmen behind Future 4 Fairgrounds

Meet the Team

The faces of our organisation

Since our establishment in 2020, Future 4 Fairgrounds has made significant progress and expanded in a positive direction. We take great pride in our ambassadors, whose diverse experiences and skills have been instrumental in our success. Learn more about our team members below.

Joannie Peak

I attend fairs and festivals with catering units. I joined F4F in the beginning to help my father during lockdown to be able to open again, my father is a leesee who travels the south of England with his fairground…

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Narvenka Noyce

I am Narvenka Noyce, my family & I travel mainly around London and the south coast with our rides under the banner of James Noyce & Sons. I am proud to be part of the F4F ladies group as a mother I worry about the future of our business..

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Bernice Wall

I have been a Showman all my life, my family are travelling Showmen. I am proud and so grateful to have been born into the this Showmen community. My life and I love it!!


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Nicola Hill

I’m the 6th generation traveling Showman, My husband Steven is the 7th generation. I have a daughter and a son in our business, and a Granddaughter too. These are the reasons I came into our group Future4Fairgrounds…

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Hayley Danter

I’m a proud Showmen as is my husband and our 4 children. We travel the country with adult and children’s rides, attending many Charter Fairs.
My late father was rewarded a lifetime membership of the Showmens guild..

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Colleen Roper

I’m a Showman. My family are “settled down” at the seaside. We are still Showmen and very much connected to the fairground industry. We own a permanent funfair on the Norfolk coast. A traditional family business…

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What We Do

Furthering our cause is the most important goal of our organization. We seek support, from the local community who visits the fairground. We have taken one of banners to many cancelled or postponed fairs across the UK spreading awareness the fairground was to take place and please don’t forget about it in the future.

Recognition for Future 4 Fairgrounds

Irish Embassy London
February 2022

Winners of the Inspiring Project Award at The Friends, Families and Travellers Awards 2022.

Showmans Mental Health Workshop – Leeds Valentine Fair
February 2022

You can find out more about the Showman’s Mental Health Charity on their website here.

High Society Showmans Fellowship
January 2022

Showmen of the Year 2021
March 2021

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Showmens Guild of Great Britain for recognising our work and awarding us Showman of the Year 2021.

Proud is not a big enough word.. We are delighted to say the least. Thank you to the London Section of the Guild for nominating us. We are very proud 6 ladies. Thank you to the Western Section for inviting us to the Luncheon. We can assure you these awards will be treasured for generations.

Bernice Wall, Colleen Roper, Narvenka Noyce, Nicola Hill, Hayley Danter. (Joannie Peak was unable to attend the luncheon)