Who We Are

We are a group of six female showmen who have joined forces out of growing concern for the situation faced by the fairground industry and our community. Together, we have established Future 4 Fairgrounds with the aim of reaching out to a wider audience. Our objectives include celebrating our history, raising awareness of our current situation, and safeguarding our future.

Joannie Peak

I attend fairs and festivals with catering units. I joined F4F in the beginning to help my father during lockdown to be able to open again, my father is a leesee who travels the south of England with his fairground. I have two children who want to carry on being Showman when they are older so it’s important for me to protect the future of Showman and raise a awareness of Showmen.

Navenka Noyce

I am Narvenka Noyce, (daughter of the late John Walter & Marissa Shaw from the Lancashire section.)

My family & I travel mainly around London and the south coast with our rides under the banner of James Noyce & Sons. While we do like to visit the north though for the famous Nottingham Goose Fair with our Golden Gallopers. That has been in the Noyce family for over 70 years, the only all wooden one still travelling. Also attending many private events.

I am proud to be part of the F4f ladies group, as a mother I worry about the future of our business. We only want Showmen to be recognised for who we are. Proud Travelling Showmen operating fairgrounds all over the world.

Bernice Wall

I have been a Showman all my life, my family are travelling Showmen. I am proud and so grateful to have been born into the this Showmen community. My life and I love it!!

Nicola Hill

I’m the 6th generation traveling Showman, My husband Steven is the 7th generation. I have a daughter and a son in our business, and a Granddaughter too. These are the reasons I came into our group Future4fairgrounds. I want our families to go on for further generations!

I’m very proud to say My Dad David Wallis was the President of The Showmans Guild of Great Britain. He dedicated 9 years of his time to Our Guild, leaving my Mam, Kay to run their business.

We travel all over the country with our rides, from Bridgewater Somerset to Newcastle upon Tyne and we have been to Isle of Man, Norway and Iceland with our rides!! But we haven’t been as far as My Dad who’s opened with his rides in New Zealand, South Africa,Zimbabwe, Mauritius to name a few!

I’m very proud to be a Showman and a Showman’s daughter, wife, Mam and Mammar

Hayley Danter

My name is Hayley Danter. I’m a proud Showman, as is my husband and our 4 children. We travel the country with adult and children’s rides, attending many Charter Fairs. My late father was rewarded a lifetime membership of the Showmens guild for his services to the Showmens Guild of Great Britain

Colleen Roper

I’m a Showman. My family are “settled down” at the seaside. We are still Showmen and very much connected to the fairground industry. We own a permanent funfair on the Norfolk coast. A traditional family business, 3 generations of my family are involved in the everyday running of the site and operation of the rides.

I joined F4F as I had concerns about the way the industry was being perceived and how the community were being discriminated against which became more apparent as a result of the pandemic. There were marked differences to how Showmen were being treated. The impact of the pandemic on the industry and community was devastating and I felt I needed to do something more to raise awareness of the issues we were facing.

The lack of understanding around Showmen identity is key to the prejudices and bias we see every day. As a mother with 3 children I believe this is what needs to change to make their future as Showmen a more positive one.