Hereford May Fair

What would have been the opening day of the 900 years centenary for Hereford May Fair .

Sadly not in May , but postponed until early August

Displaying our Banner alongside the famous landmarks of this beautiful city 🌟

The famous Herefordshire Bull 🐮.

The black and White House , which is actually a museum , the ribbons are to celebrate the 900 anniversary of the Fair .

The Cathedral , which houses the mappa mundi , a set of gallopers have built on the cathedral green in recent years 🎠🎠🎠🎠

There’s one more famous thing about Hereford ..

And its the May Fair , which graces the streets and high town for 3 days 🎠🎡🎠🎡🎠

Thank you to , Alexis and David Morris, from Maxwells Cafe , and the SW guild committee members , Chris Danter and Shady Scarrott ..🎠🎡🎠

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