World Fun Fair Month

We would like to let you know about an exciting new project to promote funfairs World Wide that will take place annually in September, starting this year 2021. World FunFair

Month! A full month of events all linked to every aspect of our industry and our community to help raise awareness world wide. This project is inspired by the many awareness days and months you may already be familiar with. September has been registered officially by us as World FunFair month and we have been busy behind the scenes sharing the idea with others.

The project so far,

We have a specific World FunFair month logo. One for the UK and alternatives that work in line with the European Showmen and for Australasia and the USA. The alternatives use the terminology KERMIS, CARNIVAL and MIDWAY.

We have held zoom meetings with the European Showmens Union and members of Showmen’s Governing bodies in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada and because of their understanding of the issues we are facing worldwide as Showmen they have great enthusiasm and support for the project which has been wonderful. This initiative we are hoping will unite Showmen and the funfair across the World.

The feedback from these country’s is so positive they cannot wait to start promoting it and are already planning how they might celebrate.

As part of the project we are working closely with the authors of a fantastic book called “The Show Must Go On” published by the respected world wide group Pearson. Pearson are already the leading publisher for educational settings and this book is aimed at independent readers, with also teacher led inquiry guides. To have such a representative book in schools is ground breaking. The aim is for us to distribute these books and get them in as many primary schools as possible between now and return of school in September. Children are the future of our business and to change misconceptions about our community and raise further awareness we need to start doing that from the ground up. This is the perfect way to do this There will also be work packs created professionally by an education provider, bringing this book together with each schools local information on their own local fair will raise awareness and offer information from a source trusted in their own community. Education is key to raising further awareness and preventing prejudice.

We are also inviting local authorities to get involved and be proud of the fairgrounds associated with their towns. There are many Charter fairs and other fairs all around the country in September. They are the perfect advertisement for this. They should be a celebrated part of the community. We are encouraging councils, schools and other organisations to take part and embrace this full month of community spirit , fun and enjoyment that is brought together by holding their local funfair.

We will be producing World Funfair Month merchandise including display event flags, banners and hand held flags which can be purchased with all proceeds going towards the schools project.

We are hopeful that all Showmen will join us throughout September and at every fair there will be World FunFair Month flags flying and entrance banners in place to help raise the much needed awareness and positive representation of our often misjudged industry and community.

We hope that you can all see what we are trying to achieve with this and we are confident Showmen everywhere will back this important project by adopting the World Fun Fair Month logo to use where ever possible. This project is about Showmen, all of us, the world over. We are all in this together…

We hope that local authorities will be as supportive as possible too.

We would love to know what you think and any other ideas how you might like to celebrate World Funfair month in September. We have passed all the information on to various associations. We would like everyone to be involved.

Please get back to us for more information about our group Future4fairgrounds or the World Fun Fair Month project.

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