Some incredible Fairground History at Exploring Surrey’s Past

If you’re interested in a bit of history of Fairgrounds, then you might be interested in some pages we’ve found on ‘Exploring Surrey’s Past’

Have a little look here –

Philip Bradley Fairground Collection – Philip Bradley (1920-1999) of Ewell was a passionate fairground enthusiast. At the age of 16 he decided he would systematically keep a written and photographic record of every fair in Britain he visited and the fairground rides and vehicles he saw. From 1936 until his death in 1999 he methodically compiled notebooks in which he wrote about these fairs and accumulated news cuttings.

Fairgrounds during the Second World War – Bradley records how fairs were affected by blackout restrictions and limited supplies of food, fuel and ‘swag’.  Coconut shies became rare as coconuts took up valuable shipping space and rifle ranges were deprived of ammunition. 

Fairgrounds Archive – There are a wealth of sources at Surrey History Centre which you can use to research the history of fairgrounds and the fairground community, not only in Surrey but across the country.

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