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‘People don’t know who we Showmen are’ BBC News Coverage

Colleen recently spoke to BBC News about Future 4 Fairgrounds about our group, and what we want to achieve. Colleen said about this coverage “So grateful to be able to speak about my community and the story be handled with care and respect. Showmen are often overlooked or misunderstood and this piece is definitely a […]

Future4Fairground highlights licensing failures – Coinslot

Future 4 Fairgrounds has warned many UK councils are still blocking funfairs from taking place, despite government regulation allowing their operation as of 12 April. The campaign group, founded by Showwomen from across the country, has urged the government to address the licensing discrepancies, and produce clearer guidance. Read more over at Coinslot.

Future 4 Fairgrounds mentioned in Parliament

Future 4 Fairgrounds were mentioned in a Parliamentary debate 3 months after we were first established as a group Since coming together in September 2020 we raised our profile by using social media, contacted our own MPs and became an additional voice for our community establishing ourselves alongside the number of trade body representatives that speak for our […]

Fairgrounds fighting for their future – Coinslot Article

The Future4Fairground team spoke to Coinslot about the fact travelling fairs are facing a potentially catastrophic financial crisis. That has been brought about by a combination of Covid, the refusal of some local authorities to issue licenses and the fairground’s unwelcome status as ‘a forgotten industry’. Read the full article here.