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‘People don’t know who we Showmen are’ BBC News Coverage

Colleen recently spoke to BBC News about Future 4 Fairgrounds about our group, and what we want to achieve. Colleen said about this coverage “So grateful to be able to speak about my community and the story be handled with care and respect. Showmen are often overlooked or misunderstood and this piece is definitely a […]

Memories of growing up on a fairground this time of year! – What Goose Fair means to me

My family have long associations with Nottingham Goose Fair Grandmas and Grandads, Mam and Dad , Uncles and Aunties all my family have opened there. As a child I remember the excitement of wearing my best clothes for pulling on day and waiting at Bobbers Mill. Queuing with the loads driving slowly down Gregory Boulevard. […]

What is World Fun Fair Month?

Hi everyone 🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠🎠We would like to let you know about World FunFair Month! 🌍🎠🌏🎠🌎🎠 A full month of events all linked to every aspect of our industry and our community to help raise awareness of Showmen world wide. This project is inspired by the many awareness days and months you may already be familiar with. […]