World Fun Fair Month

Celebrate the fairground industry and the Showman community during this unique awareness month in September. To be as inclusive as possible as well as the main WORLD FUN FAIR MONTH logo we have created variations for the different language and terminology used in other countries. We can send the PDF of any of the logos to you if you would like to add it to your advertising. Just email us

We hope Showmen from around the world will join together to show the world how proud we are of our heritage and culture. We have come to realise that while we are a unique community in the UK we have many things in common with our Showmen friends and colleagues who travel with the fairground in other countries. The joy we all bring to the towns and cities we travel to is enjoyed by everyone of all ages and we hope our visitors and customers will celebrate with us too during September, sharing what they love about bringing their family to the fair year after year!

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