There’s no place like home!

So have you ever wondered where we live when we are in town with the fairground ? 🤔

Well we take our mobile home on the road with us, we call it a wagon It’s just like your house inside, only difference is it’s on wheels. With all the appliances we need, to be comfortable.

Yes we have washing machine, dryer, dish washer, bath/shower, flush toilet, 2 or 3 bedrooms in some larger ones. 🚽🛀🛏🖼☕️🚿

Some times we have to take our small trailers on site, (which you may know as a caravan) as there might not be as much space on some fairgrounds.

We all have a base where our winter quarters are, where some Showmen have another home. This way the children get to go to school during the week, then go to work with their parents on the fairgrounds at the weekends.

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